What N, P, and K Numbers Mean on Plant Food and Fertilizer

Video Overview: 

If you've ever wondered what the N, P, and K numbers mean on plant food and fertilizer wonder no more as the video you're about to watch will summarize for both the NPK plant food and fertilizer components to help clarify what kind of beneficial nutrients exactly your plants will be receiving.

In short N means Nitrogen, P means Phosphorus, and K means Potassium each of which have specific beneficial plant nutrients that will help it grow like never before. Depending on the type of plant can affect the type of plant food and fertilizer it needs and hence why there is the N, P, and K numbers and what particular one will be beneficial for what. After the video is over, you should have a pretty good hold on what they mean and how they benefit your plants in a good way so it's worth listening in for sure!