How To Make a DIY iPad Tablet or Smart Phone Stand From a Scrap 2x4

Video Overview: 

When it comes to wanting to prevent yourself from constantly holding your mobile device, why not consider learning how to make a DIY iPad Tablet, or Smart phone Stand from a simple piece of scrap 2x4? It's a lot simpler than you think and although this won't be your ideal phone holder for a car, you'll certainly get a lot of use out of it at home!

Mobile phone stands when you buy them in stores can be quite pricey sometimes up in the hundreds when it comes to Apple products, but why pay for one when you can make your very own diy mobile phone stand from a simple 2x4 and save yourself tons of money? Not only that, but you can customize your stand this way to best fit your type of tablet or phone size, so it's a win-win. Watch the video and get started today and have that stand you have always dreamed of the very same day.