How and Why To Plant Kale

Video Overview: 

If you want to learn what is kale and the how's and why's of planting kale, this video will definitely walk you through all the steps. Kale health benefits are a pretty big factor and of course it comes in many different varieties but you can pick which one you feel would best benefit you.

Often times you'll find many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and much MORE in kale as well as plenty of protein so it's a no brainer to start growing and harvesting kale from seeds when they're fully grown and learning the importance of proper spacing so your garden can really help answer the question of, “what does kale do for you” as you'll start noticing the health benefits nearly immediately after you add some into your meals! If you're a vegetarian this is an ideal grow and a good meat replacement so check it out and learn more today.